Transitioning into higher education: Ditching the institutional focus on risk-analysis

Bahr, N. & Cook, P.J. (May 10, 2020). This article has not yet been submitted for publishing. If you wish to cite it or comment please contact me.


This paper reflects on the efficacy of approaches to learning support for commencing university students that rely on risk markers to identify those who might benefit from a range of interventions. We argue that a focus on support for the development of greater self-regulation for all students is more equitable, scalable, and sustainable than popular targeted intervention models. That is that a self-regulatory foundation and goal-set for student learning and personal support services will more equitably address the effective transition into university, retention, and long-term academic achievement. The paper presents a new perspective for effective transitions by aligning the elements of an innovative model with the levels for the development of self-regulation. This approach prompts consideration fora significant redirection of institutional student support action, particularly as aimed at the effective transitioning of commencing students into their university courses.

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