The virtual road toward a new normal: thinking and interacting

Nan Bahr, April 21, 2021 This paper was presented as my keynote speech to open: International Conference on Applied Science, Technology, and Engineering (ICASTE) 2021 International Conference on Economics, Business, Social, and Humanities (ICEBSH) 2021 The virtual road to a new normal FINALDownload Nan Bahr Keynote speech The Virtual road toward a new normalDownload

Professional Kindness in the Classroom

Nan Bahr, April 20, 2021 Southern Cross University Abstract Kindness has been generally overlooked as a professional element in constellating a teacher's attributes and skills. This paper takes an Iterative Thematic Inquiry approach to expose and discuss perspectives on the relevance of professional kindness for contemporary teaching. This critical inquiry, in four stages, provides evidence... Continue Reading →

Can you stall the progression of Parkinson’s Disease through Martial Arts? An insider’s view.

Nan Bahr, November 26, 2020 Abstract Maintenance of an active lifestyle and engagement in coordinated physical activities such as ballroom dance, bowling, yoga, and tai chi have been reported by others to temporarily and partially relieve or delay the progression of symptoms for those with Parkinson’s Disease. However, available reports only consider relatively low impact,... Continue Reading →

Pandemic pandemonium

Nan Bahr, September 1, 2020 Twenty two weeks have now passed since I have spent more than a few hours at farther than 5 minutes from home. Twenty two weeks, or 154 days, edging up to half a year. Rather than dwell on the potential mental health crisis that may be looming for me, in... Continue Reading →

“Oh kids are mean, aren’t they?”

Nan Bahr, June 8, 2020 This phrase, "Oh kids are mean, aren't they?" is common enough, usually said by an adult in response to a story of some unkindness sprayed at one child from others. It is often followed up with a comment to diminish the significance of the meanness, something like “Kids always find... Continue Reading →

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