A response to the BOSTES Review

Last week the Review of the NSW Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) released their review. The recommendations are a bit disappointing. I wrote another blog post for EduResearch Matters with my colleague Donna Pendergast. The post outlines the areas of concern. Fundamentally though, there is an abiding sense that Australia is full of stakeholders in education, rather than partners. Until the partnership notion is fully embraced then I think we will continue to feel the effects of division and mistrust.

Short video

So now I’ve made a short video to explain the situation regarding the media’s misstep in reporting my newest book. I’m still waiting for a media retraction, but I note that the online versions of the newspaper articles have been withdrawn. I hope you’ll download (it’s free) and read the book. For those of you who are teacher educators, I hope you will find ways to embed some of the material into your class readings. Anyway, here is the video link. Sorry that it looks as it does … but unfortunately, that’s the way I look 🙂

Once again, here’s the link to the book. It’s a free download: http://research.acer.edu.au/aer/15/

Let’s Get Started …

IMG_0488The time has come for the teaching profession to reclaim positive attention for themselves. Teaching and teacher education are rigorous fields of endeavour that require deep seated professional, theoretical and practical knowledge, wrapped up in a suite of positive personal attributes that serve to transform learners. Teachers need to be fair, kind, to be of good humour and sensitivity, and quality teachers understand how these attributes can drive pedagogy, curriculum and assessment. They understand how to motivate students and to build their self worth and aspirations. Quality teachers are competent in a myriad of professional tasks such as planning, behaviour management, development of resources and so forth. But beyond this, they  influence lives. Through effective teacher education, pre-service teachers can be exposed to experiences that challenge their beliefs, that raise their expectations for learners, and that build their interpersonal skills such that they can positively influence their learners and the learning.

I hope this site will attract comment, anecdotes, research findings and general discussion about the approaches to teacher education that have been most successful in attending to the holistic development of quality teachers.