Pandemic pandemonium

Nan Bahr, September 1, 2020 Twenty two weeks have now passed since I have spent more than a few hours at farther than 5 minutes from home. Twenty two weeks, or 154 days, edging up to half a year. Rather than dwell on the potential mental health crisis that may be looming for me, in... Continue Reading →

“Oh kids are mean, aren’t they?”

Nan Bahr, June 8, 2020 This phrase, "Oh kids are mean, aren't they?" is common enough, usually said by an adult in response to a story of some unkindness sprayed at one child from others. It is often followed up with a comment to diminish the significance of the meanness, something like “Kids always find... Continue Reading →

Building quality in teacher education

Nan Bahr, May 19, 2020 1st International Conference on Innovation in Learning Instruction and Teacher Education, Hanoi National University of Education Here is a transcript of my opening address for this conference. 1st-international-conference-on-innovation-in-learning-instruction-and-teacher-educationDownload


Nan Bahr, May 19, 2020 I'm delighted to have been recognized as a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA). Thank you to all who have supported me, but most of all, thank you to my students! This has been an excellent process for reflection on personal teaching and learning values and the importance... Continue Reading →

Screen time = scream time?

Nan Bahr, April 6, 2020 Whatever has happened to the plaintiff cry of parents, teachers, and vigilantes calling out against the devil of screen time? Only weeks ago, a young person who spent hours online was described as bound for delinquency (Hawi & Rupert, 2015), a lifelong snoozer, typically unhealthy (Sigman, 2012), devoid of learning... Continue Reading →

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