Working toward self-regulation: Metacognition

Nan Bahr, February 27, 2020 Metacognition is the process of thinking about thinking. It is the first of three main processes and capabilities that work together for self-regulation. A student who is metacognitive about their study, is practiced in reflecting productively on the way they are working toward a goal, and whether they are working... Continue Reading →

Transitioning through life

Nan Bahr, November 5, 2019 I can’t stop thinking that our work in the service of others, as teachers, social workers, carers, police, and so forth, is hampered by a tendency to over complicate things. Our support for people facing life transitions is a perfect example. For children, we have separate transition models to guide... Continue Reading →

On the behaviour of jets.

Nan Bahr, September 9, 2019 I’ve often been mystified and amazed by those people that seem to defy the rules of natural progression and race to the top of their field at blistering speed. I call them jets. These people, I think, have some common characteristics that I’ve noticed. I wonder what would happen if... Continue Reading →

Higher Education Academy

I've decided to submit an application to the Higher Education Academy in the UK for a Fellowship. There seems to be quite a lot involved. Although a teaching and learning philosophy statement isn't exactly required (although the suggestion is that it might be helpful), I have had a go at one below. The difficulty is... Continue Reading →

Middle Years second edition

Donna Pendergast & Nan Bahr (Eds) The publisher's overview: "The middle years of schooling are increasingly recognised as a crucial stage in students’ lives, one that has significant consequences for ongoing educational success. Teaching Middle Years offers a systematic overview of the philosophy, principles and issues in middle schooling. It includes contributions from academics and... Continue Reading →

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