Can you stall the progression of Parkinson’s Disease through Martial Arts? An insider’s view.

Nan Bahr, November 26, 2020 Abstract Maintenance of an active lifestyle and engagement in coordinated physical activities such as ballroom dance, bowling, yoga, and tai chi have been reported by others to temporarily and partially relieve or delay the progression of symptoms for those with Parkinson’s Disease. However, available reports only consider relatively low impact,... Continue Reading →

Working toward self-regulation: Metacognition

Nan Bahr, February 27, 2020 Metacognition is the process of thinking about thinking. It is the first of three main processes and capabilities that work together for self-regulation. A student who is metacognitive about their study, is practiced in reflecting productively on the way they are working toward a goal, and whether they are working... Continue Reading →

Transitioning through life

Nan Bahr, November 5, 2019 I can’t stop thinking that our work in the service of others, as teachers, social workers, carers, police, and so forth, is hampered by a tendency to over complicate things. Our support for people facing life transitions is a perfect example. For children, we have separate transition models to guide... Continue Reading →

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